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5 months of flowers

** 1 bouquet a month in MAY - JUNE - JULY - AUGUST - SEPTEMBER **

COST: 125$ total for 5 large bouquets

PICK-UP: ON FARM in our Flower Shop. We are located just outside of Middle Musquodoboit.

Our 5 months of flowers subscription, will start MID MAY with tulips/ fancy daffodils. Heading into June, we will have gorgeous ranunculus, anemones and even some peonies. July brings on the hardy annuals and lots of flowers you'll be able to dry. August, we start seeing dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, along with oodles of other summery goodness. September should be full on dahlias + sunflowers!!! 

Each month, you will receive a beautiful large bouquet filled with the best of our seasonal blooms. Bouquets will be all dolled up, wrapped in kraft paper and available for pick-up on farm in our flower shop. We do have mason jars available for you to keep the flowers hydrated on your drive home.

To play it safe, as we are working with Mother Nature, this subscription will start Mid May, and run into the second week of September. You will be notified with a start date as soon as we have flowers blooming. You will be given a list of pick-up day options at the beginning of each month. You simply respond with one that works best for you that month ** As mentioned above, we are working with Mother Nature, if by ANY CHANCE crops fail to produce and you do not get your 5 bouquets, you will be refunded **


Flowers will be picked, arranged and in your hands within 24 hrs allowing you experience their beauty for 7-10 days.

PICK-UP Dates:

> MAY- middle/ end of the month ** depends on when tulips are ready
> JUNE- beginning/ middle of the month '** depends on when ranunculus/ anemones are ready!
> JULY - (choose any Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday)
> AUGUST - (choose any Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday)
> SEPTEMBER - (choose any Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday)

How does PICK-UP work?

** Subscribers will simply pick-up their bouquet at the farm on the date they noted. IF any of the dates emailed at the beginning of the 'month' do not work for you, we can figure out another day that does.

** Bouquets will be set out in our Flower Shop in the morning. Subscribers will be reminded of each drop a few days in advance, and encouraged to grab them by the end of the day.

** Bouquets will be wrapped in kraft paper and sit in mason jars of water, so it will be easy for subscribers to grab their bouquet at pick-up.

** If you are unable to pick-up your bouquet at one of the drops, you are welcome to gift that bouquet to a friend or family member.

Make sure to follow @justbloom_flowerfarm on social media to see a sneak of all the flowers. 

*** If you are purchasing the '5 months of flowers subscription' for a loved one/ flower friend, a 'GIFT CARD' will be sent to you to give to them. Please let us know this when you purchase. 

This subscription will go on sale March 20th to newsletter subscribers ...

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