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HELLO,  and welcome to Just Bloom Flower Farm! I'm Emma, the flower grower, dairy farmer and fitness gal.  

I started growing cut flowers for our wedding in 2018. I had big dreams of flowers everywhere, Cafe au Lait dahlias lining the dinner tables, vines, flowers for everyone to take home. THANKFULLY  everything BLOOMED to it's full potential, and I was officially hooked on growing fresh cut flowers. 

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Ontario, where digging in the dirt, and long summer days were the norm. Most of my childhood summers where filled with picking sweet corn for my father's market stand and local grocery stores, showing cattle, and helping with farm chores. Farming is in my blood. 

After graduating University with a BSc in Kinesiology, I started my own fitness business, E Squared Fitness. Over the years I have moved my bootcamp business from the West Coast to Ontario and now the East Coast. I currently run fitness classes out of our hayloft in the barn, and train people online across Canada.  

What brought me across the country to Nova Scotia? I married a dairy farmer;)  We have a sweet little girl who also loves playing in the dirt, chasing cats, being outside and farming! We also welcomed the newest farmhand to the crew this past winter.

Our Farm is located in the beautiful Musquodoboit Valley, just outside of 'Middle'. We milk around 60 holstein and brown swiss cattle, in a tie stall facility. The cows go to pasture in the summer time and are milked twice a day. 

Flower and dairy farming go hand in hand ;) You have access to all the machinery, free compost manure and LAND to borrow! They both require hard work, and breathing the fresh air - it's a good life.

Our family enjoys working outside, being our own bosses, working on the land, with animals, and flowers ;) 

Being surrounded by blooms throughout the growing season brings me so much joy and happiness. I hope to share that with you through my bouquets, my photos, and encourage you to possibly start growing your own cut flower garden. 

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