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Join us in the hayloft this Spring to START SEEDS!! 


When I started growing flowers in my backyard (6 years ago now), I was so nervous about seeding my first cut flower seeds.  I read numerous books, blogs, posts on the internet about HOW TO grow them... There were so many amazing resources, but I still wanted someone to 'hold my hand' and walk me through the basics!!  

I created these workshops to HELP fellow flower lovers GROW their own backyard beauty! This will be year 3 of these Cutting Garden Workshops and I can proudly say I have helped hundreds develop a very healthy obsession with growing cut flowers ;) 

My goal with these workshops is to ease you into growing your own backyard cut flower garden. To teach you the basics, to provide everything you need to get those seedlings off to a good start and to answer all your questions.

The flowers I have chosen for you will create beautiful bouquets, are fairly easy to grow and have great germination rates. They all love the heat, and need to be started indoors around the same time (4-6 weeks BEFORE your last Spring frost).

Workshop Dates:

  • Saturday April 20th @ 10am & 4pm

  • Sunday April 21st @ 10am & 4pm

*** Limited spaces/ workshop.*** Come on your own or make it a date with friends/ family... mark your calendars – sign-up will go live at 9am on Feb 11th. I will be sending out another newsletter with sign-up links then.  

Cost: 90$/ person, everything included!! (There will be a 40$ deposit required after you reserve your spot!)


- Printed booklet, seed starting tray (72 cells) & dome, all the seeds, labels, potting soil and vermiculite, A CONFIDENCE BOOST

- Answers to any questions you may have

- Support from me throughout the season

- BONUSES: Sweet pea seedlings ready to be transplanted into your garden, eucalyptus seedling and mystery dahlia tuber!!

*** If everything overwinters as planned I will have more dahlias for sale along with ranunculus plants! 


A bit more info. to answer some of your questions.. 

What exactly do I need at home?


-       I highly encourage some sort of 'light' to grow the HEALTHIEST seedlings. I simply use 'shop lights' that can be found at the hardware store. *** A South or West facing window will work. Your seedlings simply won't grow as fast or be as strong ***

-       water

-       and a smile…. I 100% believe my seedlings do best when I hover over them and smile LOL!

-       **** when you plant outside all you will need is some good dirt + a little compost ... and a game plan, which we will go over ;) !

How much growing space do you need?


A 4 foot by 12 foot space will be LOTS! We will go over spacing of each variety of flower in the workshop. You can also plant your seedlings throughout your existing gardens!


Can you bring a family member or friend along to learn with you for a reduced fee?!


-       YES 100%! Cost for an ‘add on family member/ friend’ will be 30$. It will be a great experience to learn and watch the whole process.



List of SEEDS you get to sow…


This workshop is created specifically for the varieties of flowers I show below. You can be a complete beginner or a seasoned gardener!  I promise to cover all the tips and tricks to help you have a successful growing season!

Here is a list of some of the topics we will be covering in detail during the workshop

  •  Preparing your trays, HOW to fill your seed trays with potting soil and how to bottom water your seedlings

  • How to sow your seeds. If they need light for germination or do they like to be covered?

  • When to take the ‘dome’ off your seed tray!

  • I will also provide a list of all the materials needed to amp up your indoor growing space … and what you can do if you don’t want to invest! (shop lights)

  • What is needed outdoors to create the best growing conditions for your seedlings, lots of options … nothing is mandatory (mulch, landscape fabric, watering, pulling weeds, do your seedlings have full sun?)

  • We will go over ‘hardening off’ seedlings and when to plant them outside (as well as plant spacing and height of plants  – and location)  

  • Care throughout the season (when to harvest, deadheading, watering, pests etc etc)

The link to SIGN-UP for our workshops will be shared with the newsletter list first (on Sunday February 11th @ 9am)! *** Join the newsletter at the bottom of the page ***

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